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Brought to you by the Teknor Apex Company, BioVinyl is the latest in a long line of innovations that not only perform in demanding applications but also improve the world that we all live in.

As a trusted maker of high-end specialty thermoplastic compounds, Teknor Apex produces products that are safe for people and the planet.

Whether it is the development of thermoplastic compounds from sustainable sources, like BioVinyl, or our position as one of the largest recyclers of flexible vinyl, Teknor Apex strives to use the latest compounding technology as a steward of both good business and good chemistry.

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Introducing BioVinyl - Sustainable Flexibility
BioVinyl is the first flexible PVC compound made with DOW ECOLIBRIUM™ bio-based plasticizer.
Studies of Developmental Compound
Properties of Two Developmental BioVinyl™ Compounds for Standard Flexible Vinyl Applications
DOW Life Cycle Assessment
PVC compounds for electric cable application